Citywide’s drainage asset management service improves Council’s long-term strategic capabilities managing drainage assets by utilising detailed mapping services and reports. Our technicians are able to readily assess the condition of storm water pipes through the easy identification of breaks and/or blockages. What once was a laborious and time consuming task can now be performed in a variety of weather conditions, within a few minutes.

Smart Asset Management - Drain Inspection and Maintenance Technology

Our cost effective solution is a welcome relief to local government authorities wishing to quickly gauge the condition of their pipeline infrastructure and build a sustainable strategy for the maintenance of all drainage assets. Information collected incorporates a video survey of storm water pipes (including GPS mapping), and detailed reporting, bringing a range of benefits:

  • Lifecycle cost savings. Allowing proactive maintenance works to occur, enables investment in the places that need it most.
  • Comprehensive reporting that provides recommendations on future capital works spending.
  • Efficient management of assets. An asset inspection regime provides information to understand and identify problem hotspots.

Asset maintenance, providing prevention strategy

It is recognised that there has been little co-ordination between the various organisations and councils involved in managing storm water drainage assets. This has resulted in the ineffective management of the assets through the inefficient use of resources. This has led to a reactive strategy culminating in the increasing cost of asset maintenance underpinned with blocked drains, unnecessary pollution and flooding.

Citywide has identified the need to provide customers a true picture of their drainage network, assisting with the identification of flood hotspots and upcoming structural problems. The comprehensive drain inspection service will allow authorities to effectively plan their capital spend more effectively ensuring issues are rapidly identified, rated in accordance to severity, and addressed in a timely and efficient manner.  

Integrated and proactive approach

Citywide’s integrated asset management approach can provide any authority with the tools to effectively manage their storm water network in a proactive manner with information and systems to forecast maintenance, renewal and upgrade expenditure.

Citywide uses a variety of technology to effectively map a network. This includes CCTV, Quickview and GPS tracking technology. Trained field staff can then capture the following information:

  • X/Y positions to realign existing GIS information
  • Digital footage
  • Pit depth
  • Pipe depth to invert
  • Invert levels (Flow direction)
  • Material of pipe
  • Diameter
  • Serviceability issues
  • Structural issues / defects
  • Location of Storm water pits

Information gathered can quickly be integrated with any software via a web based interface. This aids fast analysis allowing the identification of issues requiring immediate action, and the rating of secondary problems that can be addressed in the mid to long term allowing the forward planning of a drainage capital works program

Focused on future proofing drain networks, Citywide inspection services can help save time, prevent headaches, and work with authorities to develop information rich strategies to manage this important infrastructure whilst helping save money.

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An intuitive web based platform to view in field results (screenshot below)

Service Coverage:

  • Metropolitan Melbourne
  • Regional Victoria 
  • New South Wales
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • Queensland

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