Line Marking

Line Marking - Citywide

Citywide is committed to enhancing public areas through the creation of safe and well marked environments.

New, Removal or Replacement markings

We can assist with a broad range of projects, from parking bays, to loading zones, playgrounds, to floor signage and symbols. Whether you require new line markings or the complete removal and replacement of worn markings, we can assist through the application of the latest paint or thermoplastic technologies.

  • Roads 

Including round-a-bouts, intersections, centre and edge lines, directional arrows, bicycle paths, pedestrian crossings and school safety zones
  • Industrial

Pedestrian exclusion and driver safety zone markings, truck loading docks, and fork lift zones.
  • Civil

Appropriate line marking for truck, bus, taxi and car parking areas and the creation of pedestrian zones.
  • Vehicle Parking

Line marking for a variety of indoor and outdoor car parks.
  • Specialised markings

Including sports courts and playground markings, exclusion zones, safety zones, or as required.

We guarantee the quality of our work

We offer you a quotation and guarantee the quality of our work. Supported by our traffic and events teams, we can provide a turn-key solution managing all required logistics.

All line marking work undertaken is in accordance with AS 1428 and VicRoads guidelines.

Contact us to request a quotation, learn more about our line marking services, and to speak to one of the Citywide team.

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