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Citywide is responsible for maintaining many of Australia’s most well known and most loved, green open spaces. From shaping world Government House gardens in Melbourne to creating the spectacular Sydney Living Colour displays, Citywide is Australia’s leader in innovative, sustainable garden design and management.

Applying sustainable practices, we maximise the life of valuable natural assets and create an environment in which communities can thrive. With our expert knowledge, specialist equipment, IT systems and innovative approach, we provide services that consistently exceed our customers expectations.

Unparalled, horticulturalist knowledge and expertise

We develop impressive floral bedding and perennial border `displays as well as preserving magnificent trees and perfectly manicured lawns. Our service covers one-off projects aimed at upgrading grounds to long-term maintenance of parkland reserves. Citywide’s expertise is behind the successful regeneration of many bushland and foreshore reserves, attracting native flora and fauna previously dormant for decades.

Our experience covers;

Sustainable, IT driven asset management

Changes in Australian climates have had dramatic effects on open spaces in cities.

We know how to create and manage sustainable parkland. Our people implement a range of water saving measures in all gardens, including the selection of drought tolerant plants. We help our customers plan for the future.

Citywide delivers scheduled maintenance regimes with meticulous care. We lead industry in modern, IT driven asset management and maintenance.

Speak to us today about our parks and gardens services, or find out more about our other open space services.

Service Coverage:

  • Metropolitan Melbourne
  • Regional Victoria 
  • New South Wales
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • Queensland

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