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Street names and the number of trees proposed to be planted:


Location Preferred Species No. of Trees
Boisdale Ave Olea europaea 2
Camperdown Ave Eucalyptus leucoxylon Connata 30
Cary St Eucalyptus leucoxylon 18
Cary St Olea europaea 13
Clayton St Zelkova serrata 35
Dunkeld Ave Eucalyptus eximia 19
Dunkeld Ave Tristaniopsis laurina 22
Gilmour Rd Corymbia maculate 3
Gilmour Rd Eucalyptus leucoxylon 5
Gilmour Rd Eucalyptus mannifera Little Spotty 58
Laurie Ave Zelkova serrata 11
Mansfield Ave Corymbia maculate 6
Melton Ave Olea europaea 4
Melton Ave Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer 5
Sandford Ave Agonis flexuosa 18
Sandford Ave Eucalyptus Nichollii 9
Urana Ave Prunus cerasifera 5
Urana Ave Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer 7


Total 270 trees


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