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Street names and the number of trees proposed to be planted:


Location Preferred Species No. of Trees
Yarmouth Ave Angophora costata 15
Chelmsford Cres Callistemon Kings Park Special 12
Halesworth St Callistemon Kings Park Special 8
Watford Rd Eucalyptus melliodora 8
Harleston St Eucalyptus mannifera Little Spotty 8
Horham Ct Eucalyptus mannifera Little Spotty 3
Lynn St Faxinus angustifolia 2
Syleham St Jacaranda mimosaefolia 5
Ipswich St Lagerstromia Indica Natchez 1
Brome St Lophostemon confertus 2
Main Road East Lophostemon confertus 2
Halesworth St Lophostemon confertus 8
Chelmsford Cres Melia azedarach 11
Breydon Ct Olea europaea 9
Yarmouth Ave Pistacia chinensis 18
Lynn St Prunus cerasifera 2
Harleston St Pyrus Usseriensis 13
Horham Ct Pyrus Usseriensis 6
Diss Ct Ulmus parvifolia 2
Occold Ct Ulmus parvifolia 4
Syleham St Ulmus parvifolia 3


Total 142 trees


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