Dec 5, 2019, 23:00 PM

Bayside beaches and streets will continue to sparkle after Citywide re-secured the open space and infrastructure maintenance services contract for Bayside City Council.

The new arrangement brings together all open space and infrastructure maintenance services under a single contract aimed at enhancing service delivery, underpinned by our enduring relationship with Council and the Bayside community.

Citywide will provide open space and infrastructure maintenance services including: beach cleaning, street sweeping, road and footpath maintenance, drainage management, tree maintenance services, sports ground maintenance and graffiti management.

Citywide CEO Chris Campbell said the bundled services contract will ensure the Bayside community continues to receive the excellent level and quality of service it has come to expect, as well as ongoing productivity benefits.

“Our operations team take great pride in delivering outstanding services for all our host communities, shaping the community, none more so than in Bayside,” Chris said.

“The values we share – being accountable and principled in what we do, promoting innovation and upholding the safety and well-being of Council, its community and the environment in which we work – underpin the enduring, trusting relationship we have built with Bayside.

“We believe communities thrive and prosper in healthy, safe, sustainable and vibrant cities. It’s a vision we know we share with the Bayside community and a vision that we will continue to deliver for their benefit.”

The services provided by Citywide will support Bayside’s efforts to keep the municipality’s open spaces and streets in prime condition.

Bayside Mayor, Cr Clarke Martin said that under the new maintenance contract Bayside residents and businesses can expect a well maintained and clean municipality.

“We have an 18-year relationship with Citywide and know that Bayside is in safe hands,” he said.

“This long-term partnership means the Citywide team will bring local knowledge to all the services it will provide under the contract.

“The community will also benefit from additional services under the new seven-year contract including a greater connection between workers on the ground and the community.”

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