Apr 3, 2019, 01:00 AM

Citywide has been awarded a new contract to deliver waste management services to the City of Melbourne for a term of up to 10 years.

Duncan Reid, Executive – Operations, said Citywide’s deep experience at managing the complex waste services in the city for many decades, coupled with our approach to sustainability and innovation, would ensure value for money, flexibility, and a contract which would serve the needs of City of Melbourne ratepayers now and into the future.

“We have an extremely capable team which is well-resourced and committed to achieving the outcomes that matter most to the residents of the City of Melbourne,” Duncan said.

“Our excellent service will drive significant sustainability outcomes, keep pace with Melbourne's growth, and ensure the residents and businesses that call Melbourne home will continue to benefit from a safe and seamless waste management service.”

The new contract enables Citywide to introduce state-of-the-art fleet, which will deliver cost savings to the City of Melbourne through reduced vehicle numbers and vehicle movements while meeting the high level of service specifications.

Enhanced data capture and the ability to drive innovations will further underpin Citywide’s capabilities, extensive experience, and expertise in delivering the contract.

“Securing this new contract is in line with our Vision 2025 and consistent with our strategy of growth and transformation.”

The new contract took immediate effect from today (Wednesday, April 3).

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