Mar 23, 2020, 06:00 AM

At Citywide, we recognise the importance of the essential civic services we provide to our customers and all our host communities whom we serve every day. 

The Federal and a number of the State governments have begun to implement escalating measures aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19 in Australia, mandating the continuation of essential services.

Based on information relating to the definition of ‘essential services’ from the federal and state authorities, Citywide is continuing to deliver existing services to our customers, services which include:

  • Waste and recycling management;
  • Reactive maintenance and cleaning services of open spaces including public parks, gardens and reserves;
  • Maintaining civil infrastructure assets including stormwater drains and GPTs (gross pollutant traps); and
  • Roads, footpath, kerb and channel reinstatements.

We are also exploring ways we can use our existing teams, equipment and know-how to assist our customers to support their communities, including around sanitisation & cleansing, waste collection and other essential services.

Like many businesses, we are doing everything we can to limit the spread of COVID-19 and this requires us to change the way we work.

As part of our advanced pandemic planning, we've implemented stringent social distancing measures, which include where possible:

  • Maintaining a minimum separation distance of two metres;
  • No more than two operational crew members per vehicle;
  • Staggered shift start times where practicable, and;
  • Minimising the mixing of crews.

We’ve also implemented enhanced hygiene measures to protect our teammates and people they come into contact with and we’ve enabled remote working for office-based corporate and operational support staff.

All these actions are designed to mitigate the risk of Coronavirus transmission while we continue delivering essential civic services to our customers and communities.

We acknowledge that there is much uncertainty and anxiety as a result of the current situation but we want to assure you that our key focus is maintaining the health and liveability of your communities in line with our Vision and Values

Please continue to check our dedicated COVID-19 info stream online and follow our social media platforms for regular information updates and advisories.

Further queries

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