May 3, 2020, 14:00 PM

Preventing the spread of the coronavirus and preparing their communities and customers for a return to normal is the number one priority for councils and commercial organisations.

Overseas evidence suggests wholesale cleansing and disinfecting of public spaces helps to combat the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

In response to the continuing public health crisis, Citywide has significantly scaled up its regular commercial and municipal cleansing solutions, to deliver a rapid response and maintenance cleansing and sanitisation service to help our customers maintain healthy, safe communities and neighbourhoods.

“This remains an urgent and ongoing public health crisis. Communities around the country are demanding action to clean and sanitise their neighbourhoods,” Matthew Lee-Archer, Commercial Services Manager at Citywide, said.

“People want this crisis to end, they want an end to the severe restrictions that are hampering economic recovery and a return to normal life.

“However, this won’t happen if the threat of coronavirus infection and contamination remains unchallenged. What’s more, once restrictions are lifted and there is greater activity in our communities, sanitisation becomes even more important.

“By responding rapidly to clean and disinfect popular communal hot spots, municipal facilities, industrial and urban infrastructure and public open spaces, councils, businesses and industrial organisations can begin to plan for their future.”

Citywide has begun delivering sanitising services to Maribyrnong, Stonnington and Port Phillip councils, with the deployment of sanitisation teams on foot patrol in their high street shopping strips, local business districts and busy open spaces.

“Maribyrnong, Stonnington and Port Phillip are demonstrating their concern for and commitment to the health, safety and well-being of their local community constituents - residents, traders and local businesses included,” Matthew Lee-Archer said.

“By moving swiftly to deliver sanitising services across their municipalities, their communities can look forward to a return to normal social and economic activity.”

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