Oct 3, 2019, 03:00 AM

Criss-crossing paths with Citywide’s garbage truck fleet amid the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s busy CBD doesn’t faze bicycle waste collector Nathan Taylor.

In fact, the Good Cycles staff member is very comfortable in the saddle as part of the team driving sustainability through waste services around the city.

Good Cycles undertakes a range of operational tasks for Citywide in a forward-thinking partnership focused on creating an efficient, sustainable city while supporting the creation of job opportunities for people with barriers to stable, secure employment.

In particular, Good Cycles – with Nathan as one of their regular riders - manages the nimble collection of food waste from CBD cafes and restaurants and delivered to the Degraves Street Recycling Facility.

At the facility, foods scraps are consumed by an anaerobic digestion machine and turned into environmentally safe grey water before being pumped out to a western suburbs water treatment plant.

It’s an occupation that Nathan acknowledges delivers many benefits, including flexibility and freedom to enjoy his riding along with the nimbleness and efficiency of bike-based community services.

Nathan joined Good Cycles' Pedal Empowerment Program PEP after moving from Adelaide to Melbourne to help care for his sister Brit who lives with Cerebral Palsy.

During his time in the PEP he designed and built a custom bike to allow her to have increased mobility and get out with more independence.

Nathan is now employed by Good Cycles and is valued member of the team and his ambition and dedication is infectious to everyone he works with.

“I love Good Cycles like family. The Pedal Empowerment Program (PEP) supported me to get out again and rekindle my passion for bikes,” he says.

“A few years before I joined the PEP, I was injured in a sporting accident. I didn’t ever expect to feel this good about myself and my future again.”

Nathan Taylor Gavin Tapper portrait
Photo: Nathan finds his work syncs in seamlessly with that of waste collection truck driver Gavin Tapper.

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