Jul 29, 2022, 10:28 AM

Media update in response to threat of unlawful industrial action from unofficial, unregistered union:

Citywide has proposed to its employees and their representatives that the current Enterprise Agreement be varied to provide a three per cent (3%) pay increase effective 11th July and a one-off payment of $350 and for the Agreement to be rolled over until 30 June 2023. 

Employees will soon have the opportunity to vote for or against that proposal. The Australian Services Union has consulted with its membership and supports the proposal.

Recent media reports relate to unlawful industrial action organised by the Municipal & Utilities Workers Union (MUWU).

Citywide applied to the Fair Work Commission to obtain an order prohibiting this unlawful action from continuing.  

As a result of that application, MUWU will not organise industrial actions until an outcome of the vote and has instructed its members not to take any industrial action until further notice.

All services have continued to be provided by Citywide as usual, on time, and to Citywide’s high standards.  

We have a committed group of employees and remain confident in our team to continue delivering the great services that help keep the City of Melbourne clean and safe for all members of the community. 


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