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Essential civic maintenance services continue under Stage Four

Aug 6, 2020, 22:18 PM
Essential services to continue despite State of Disaster, Stage Four COVID19 restrictions.
Title : Essential civic maintenance services continue under Stage Four
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Item date : Aug 6, 2020, 14:00 PM

Essential services delivered by Citywide will continue despite the Victorian Government’s State of Disaster declaration and stringent new Stage Four ‘Stay at Home’ restrictions.

The State Government introduced the strict new measures in an effort to reduce the number of people moving around metropolitan Melbourne.

Under the Stage Four restrictions, workplaces in metropolitan Melbourne have been closed for six weeks unless the workplace or services provided are part of a permitted (non-excluded) industry or sector. 

However, having completed the necessary assessment of services permitted under the Government’s directives and in consultation with our customers, the vast majority of essential civic and industrial services would continue, Citywide CEO Chris Campbell said.

This is a good outcome for Citywide, our employees and importantly the communities we continue to serve,” Chris said.

“Services like waste and recycling management, our different cleansing programs and civic infrastructure maintenance such as road repairs and drainage works, are essential to ensuring the cities and communities we serve can continue to function safely.

Playing our part to support the Government’s strategy, though, we have paused some activities; for example, tree planting, root barrier work, and capital works projects.”

Under the new directions, all Citywide employees will carry a Work Permit and their contracts will operate under mandatory COVIDSafe plans, including adhering to measures such as limiting the number of personnel at worksites.

We have had a very comprehensive COVID-19 management plan in place since March, and this has enabled us to put in place high quality COVIDSafe plans as required now across all services in Victoria,” Chris said.


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