Albion Area 108 Map

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Street names and the number of trees proposed to be planted:

LocationPreferred SpeciesPowerlines No. of Trees
Perth Avecallistemon-kings-park-specialwires9
Perth Aveangophora-costatanon wires9
Westwood WayAngophora hispada in plots3
Westwood Waycallistemon-kings-park-specialwires25
Westwood Waylophostemon-confertusnon wires11
Gail Crtcallistemon-kings-park-specialwires9
Gail Crtlophostemon-confertusnon wires7
Cullen Crtolea-europaeaboth sides10
Norwood Stfraxinus pennsylanica -urbaniteboth sides83
Westgate Avecallistemon-salignusboth sides29
Susan Stagonis-flexuosawires19
Susan Steucalyptus-eximianon wires17
Clairmont Stcallistemon-kings-park-specialwires14
Clairmont Stmelia-azedarachnon wires16
Merlow StAcacia Pendulawires11
Merlow Stlophostemon-confertusnon wires13
Delmont Stfraxinus pennsylanica -urbaniteboth sides13
Dalworth Stcallistemon-kings-park-specialwires5
Dalworth Steucalyptus-scoporianon wires6
Wasley Stolea-europaeawires40
Wasley Stpyrus-calleryana-bradfordnon wires30
Thwaites Stolea-europaeawires11
Thwaites Stpyrus-calleryana-bradfordnon wires11
Hesser Stolea-europaeawires19
Hesser Stpyrus-calleryana-bradfordnon wires15


Total 435 trees


If you have a question, a planting request or would like to provide your feedback about this function or have questions about the tree species being planted on your street, please contact Brimbank City Council on 03 9249 4000 or email