St Albans Area 59 Map

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Street names and the number of trees proposed to be planted:

LocationPreferred SpeciesPowerlinesNo. of Trees
Harmon AveAcacia Pendulawires18
Harmon Ave station to Glyndonangophora-costatanon wires13
Harmon Aveagonis-flexuosanon wires35
Milton Aveolea-europaeawires8
Milton Avelophostemon-confertusnon wires32
Station Stmelia-azedarachboth sides18
Glyndon Avecallistemon-salignuswires20
Glyndon Avelophostemon-confertusnon wires50
Raeburn Aveulmus-parvifoliaboth sides22
Burns Aveolea-europaeawires8
Burns Avefraxinus pennsylanica -urbanitenon wires9
Blendon Avepyrus-calleryana-bradfordboth sides76


Total 309 trees


If you have a question, a planting request or would like to provide your feedback about this function or have questions about the tree species being planted on your street, please contact Brimbank City Council on 03 9249 4000 or email