Citywide delivers integrated civil infrastructure, open space and environmental services that enhance community assets and quality of life.

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We provide our customers with peace of mind, knowing their trees are safe

As one of the largest employers of arborists in the country, Citywide is an Australian leader in the management, planning and delivery of tree maintenance and auditing services.

We are responsible for safely maintaining in excess of 1.5 million trees in over 2,500 parks along Australia’s eastern seaboard.

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  • 01.09.2014

    Managing Water in Our Landscape : Water Sensitive Urban Design

    Water is one of our most precious resources as we rely on it heavily for nearly every function we perform. Therefore it is important that it is managed in a smart and efficient way so that we can enjoy it and its many uses for a much longer time to come. Water sensitive urban design (WSUD) is just one of the many ways that we can make sure we use water to its full potential in a beneficial and sustainable way.

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  • 29.08.2014

    Award Winning Innovation Leads to 25% Water Savings

    Five years ago Citywide’s senior arborists were searching for an efficient method to water and sustain newly planted trees. After trialling a number of technologies, they were found to be unsuccessful due to their inability to conserve water, inadequately assisted water to penetrate to the tree roots, and in some cases lead to greater water consumption and wastage.

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  • 14.08.2014

    Greening our cities: Working towards Urban Reforestation at Citywide

    Citywide cares about creating beautiful places where humans can feel safe, healthy and happy. Today, however, our communities face a new challenge: the urban heat island effect.

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  • 26.06.2014

    Asphalt Plant Takes the Goal Zero Lead!

    The Citywide Group of companies is committed to the safety of all its employees. As a successful organisation, we always strive for world-class performance in everything we do. Staff safety is no exception. The increasing size and scope of our operations across Australia means that our responsibilities towards safety continue to expand alongside our operations.

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  • 06.06.2014

    Technigro honoured to win twice at the Parks and Leisure Australia Awards of Excellence

    Technigro has been named a Regional Winner twice at the Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA) Awards for Excellence. It is a fantastic accomplishment as Technigro were up against competitors, government and industry bodies from across Queensland.

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