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Rick Owers, Tree Health Officer

Pest and disease control is a vital component when it comes to the management and maintenance of trees. Responsible for the maintenance of over 1.5 million trees nationally, Citywide uses a broad range of techniques to ensure pests and diseases are properly managed.

Tree injections are fast proving to be one of our most effective and environmentally friendly disease mitigation solutions. We also specialise in the treatment of elm leaf beetle.

Tree care professionals, have a number of tools to help them control pests and disease. For many years, insecticide sprays and soil treatments have been the traditional approach. As people become increasingly aware about the adverse effects stemming from the prolonged use of these agents to the environment, tree injections have become a viable alternative.

Understanding of lifecycle, helps us control and treat more effectively

Unlike the spraying of chemicals which invariably ‘leach’ into the ground, injections are direct, use a much lower volume of material, are easier to use, and the solutions used are applied directly into the diseased tree. This minimises exposure to the public, surrounding wildlife, and ensures a targeted response is achieved every time.

Citywide has adopted this innovative solution for the maintenance of thousands of trees..

Pest and disease treatment can be difficult in a street tree situation due to the potential exposure of harmful chemicals. It is for this reason Citywide is committed to the use of non toxic and environmentally friendly treatments such as tree injections to control tree pest and disease.

Citywide has proactively used injections in the fight against the Sycamore Lace Bug.  This particular pest was first discovered in Sydney in 2006 and has since shown evidence of damage to the population of Platanus trees.

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