It is a simple yet powerful statement: What We Do, Matters.

Here at Citywide, our teammates believe what they do really does matter to each and every one of our customers and the communities we serve every day.

Every day, more than 13 million Australians across the eastern seaboard, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of visitors to Australia, are positively impacted by the services we provide.

This sentiment - What We Do Matters - is the bedrock of our culture and is inherent in our Corporate Values: We Care, We Own It, We Walk The Talk, and We Reimagine It.

These four Values, which have been determined by our teammates, are how we think about: 

  • The safety, health and wellbeing of our people, our customers, the community and environment in which we work (We Care);
  • What it means to be accountable for our actions and accountable to those around us (We Own It);
  • Being principled in the pursuit of excellent service delivery and continued business improvement (We Walk The Talk), and;
  • Better ways of doing things; being innovative in solving business problems (We Reimagine It).

What We Do Matters is also inextricably tied to our Vision 2025 business strategy, which sets out our firm goal, purpose and a pathway for where we want to be heading into the future.

Vision 2025 is built on five strategic Pillars: Culture and People; Growth and Transformation; Sustainability and Innovation; Partnering and Alliances, and; Technology and Systems of Work.  Each of these pillars has a set of strategic goals, action steps and target outcomes to ensure we are successful in what we do.

Because, what we do, matters to the communities we serve.