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Kyle Hinksman, Operations Supervisor

Citywide’s expert arborists carefully undertake root barrier and selective root pruning works to maximise the life of trees and infrastructure.

We carry out all works limiting public liability risk, using specialised equipment and the most knowledgable team of people in the business.

Root management, for prolonged life of Australia's natural air conditioners

As urban trees grow, root development is often hindered by restricted space and disturbed soil. Insufficient rooting space, poor soil drainage, soil compaction, severed roots from transplanting or construction, and root diseases are among the many below-ground causes of tree problems. Citywide can identify and provide a tailored solution for individual tree root management, enabling trees to grow and thrive.

A focus on sustainability has made tree preservation a high priority for metropolitan communities. Reducing the incidence of tree removal and infrastructure damage, root barrier and selective root pruning protect and prolong the life of valuable natural assets.

Proactive root barrier installation prior to a tree maturing, or prior to building near or around trees, insures property against costly future damage. Our root management specialists undertake the full scope of tree root works.

In-depth knowledge and innovation, enables us to work in even the hard-to-reach locations

Citywide is recognised for investment in innovation, developing specialised equipment in-house to improve service outcomes. Our purpose built trencher, which combines the root pruning and soil removal processes, has the size specifications that enable it to access locations prohibitive to the majority of other machinery.

Root Deflector/ Barrier Installations

  • To 2500mm deep, choice of membrane, underground utility diagnosis
  • Engineered cut-off walls and soil moisture barriers
  • Soil and root pathogen quarantine barriers
  • Protection of trees on building sites
  • Linear and surround preventative deflectors for new tree plantings

Selective Root Pruning and mapping

  • Trip hazards, cracked or lifted fences, blocked drains
  • Raised kerb and channel, hardscape distortion
  • Exposing root systems, air knifing

Soil De-compaction

  • Breaking up soil without damaging tree roots
  • Watering and fertilising
  • Vertical water and aeration points

Re-instatement of Soft and Hardscape Surfaces

  • Asphalting
  • Concreting
  • Soil & seed
  • Turf

Consultation and Advice

  • On site meetings, client liaison, tree selection/condition, root barrier location, depth and installation
  • Locating and Mapping of Underground Services
  • Detailed tree/site reports