As one of the largest employers of arborists in the country, Citywide is an Australian leader in the management, planning and delivery of tree maintenance and auditing services. We are responsible for safely maintaining in excess of 1.5 million trees in over 2,500 parks along Australia’s eastern seaboard.

We provide our customers with peace of mind, knowing their trees are safe.

Citywide are leaders in managing tree risk for customers using our asset management system, TRAX. Our arborists go into the field and collect information of tree assets, this information is then stored in a centralised database. This data is then used to determine if the tree requires work, and the urgency of the work to be undertaken.

Our comprehensive tree auditing service involves an arborist visiting each individual tree performing an audit based on the following criteria:

  • Health and structure
  • Canopy condition and
  • Pest & Disease

Specialist tree experience, across a range of sectors

Citywide delivers a range of specialist arboricultural and horticultural services to the education sector including Melbourne University and Brighton Grammar, the 6 campuses of the University of Western Sydney and the Shore School in Sydney. In addition we are entrusted to safely maintain all of the City of Melbourne’s tree population, the City of Sydney’s parks and gardens and the National Capital Authority’s horticultural and arboricultural assets in Canberra including the parliamentary precinct, majestic ANZAC Parade and the iconic rose garden at Old Parliament House.

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