Citywide operates the largest and most extensive fleet of commercial street cleansers in Victoria, making us flexible and responsive. Ideal for road sweeping, profile sweepings and footpath cleaning, our fleet is modern, clean and reliable.

Quality and reliability, through modern technology and leading customer service

All units undergo stringent servicing and daily inspections to ensure they are running at optimal performance resulting in our customers receiving the most reliable sweeping service available. Citywide operates a 24-hour 7-day service so in the event of an emergency, we can respond quickly.

Utilising global best practices and the latest advances in equipment and technologies, Citywide is committed to delivering a sustainable future for all Australians to enjoy. We offer all of the following services:

Road Sweeping

  • Road maintenance profiling and spray sealing sweeping
  • Highways and freeways sweeping and debris removal
  • Residential areas, main roads, intersections and roundabouts
  • Car parks

Seasonal Cleaning

  • Autumn leaf sweeping
  • Special event sweeping
  • Festivals

Compact Sweeping

  • Footpaths/Bike path sweeping Warehouses and factories
  • Building sites
  • Shopping centres and car parks
  • Hospitals, schools and university grounds
  • Post-event clean-up

Additional Services

  • High pressure washing
  • Pathways
  • Building facades
  • Graffiti removal

Weed Control

  • Footpaths and laneways
  • Kerb and channel
  • Car parks