Citywide has consistently demonstrated leadership when it comes to waste management solutions.

Offering an integrated waste service solution from initial environment audits through to waste collection and recycling, Citywide has been a trusted partner for the past 16 years.  Drawing on our experience and the expert knowledge of our people, Citywide can help improve efficiencies, reduce costs and minimise your environmental footprint.

Integrated, environmentally sound solutions, competitively priced

Citywide’s Commercial Waste division offers an integrated and friendly waste service solution. We are able to provide the most competitive pricing and the latest equipment, whilst offering the most convenient solutions that are centred around the needs of our customers.

Citywide bins come in 240L, 660L, 1,100L, 1.5m3, 3m3 and 4.5m3 and skip bin configurations and are ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial sites and businesses such as manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, workshops and hotels.

Sustainable solutions for the future

Our service can support your business at each stage of its growth. From general waste to plastics, paper and cardboard, Citywide offers the full scope of collection services for business. Providing an easy to use waste collection service, Citywide offers a variety of collection methods to Australian businesses.